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business women

lin da a deschis subiectul christian louboutin discount shoes is mostly designed for business men and business women in forumul grupului christian louboutin sale: undoubtedly, each person involved in some sort of business should convey good taste and credibility. thus, their business suits and business dress shirts should fit the way custom tailored business dress shirts do. the company best dress shirts offers excellent custom tailored dress shirts for both males and females of all shapes, designs and sizes. [...]

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aspire to be christy walton, cher wang [1], sheryl sandberg [2] or margie yang [3]? even if your current goals are more modest than to manage thousands of people or make the forbes billionaires list [4], you can apply for business funding through the cartier womena€™s initiative award. the award is an entrepreneurship competition for women-led, for-profit businesses. click here [5] for more information about the award. the application deadline is march 13. [1] http://www.forbes.com/sites/russellflannery/2011/05/25/taiwans-40-richest/ [2] http://www.forbes.com/sites/georgeanders/2012/01/30/sheryl-sandberg-could-be-billionaire-in-facebook-ipo/ [3] http://www.forbes.com/global/2012/0213/asia-power-business-women-esquel-hong-kong-marjorie-yang-not-just-obvious.html [4] http://www.forbes.com/wealth/billionaires [5] http://www.cartierwomensinitiative.com/awards/mission
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by nancy f clark ita€™s not bragging if you can back it up. a€”muhammad ali [1]flickr by vic lic ali can get away with bragging but we women cana€™t. we must walk a fine line between informative self-promotion and outright bragging. most of us have been raised on the little girl admonitions, a€œita€™s not nice to brag!a€ and a€œwho does she think she is?a€a  as long as these sayings are still playing in your mental background, youa€™ll feel uncomfortable when you know youa€™re bragging. and when youa€™re uncomfortable, other people focus on your discomfort. you dona€™t want that! the secret i can tell you is how to promote yourself just short of bragging. and thata€™s something you probably do want. you need to self-promotea€”even if youa€™re not interviewing for a job. as you meet people theya€™re going to form split-second impressions of you. if youa€™re a woman, that may tend toward the sister, wife, mother, girlfriend, low-level employee, or helper images. remember this and craft something in the beginning of a conversation that sets them in the right direction. ia€™ll tell you 2 simple ways to craft it in the tips of the week. meanwhile, for the guys who tell me they read this blog, women are not impressed the same way men are. for instance, men are often impressed when another man mentions his car by brand. or, as i saw, a man left his ferrari keys on the table during an entire dinner. for women, this type of display is too blatant. we dona€™t feel we should do it; we wona€™t allow other women to easily do it; and we see through it when men do it. you know, maybe we should ease up. or not. on the other hand, women, if youa€™re talking only to men, you can take it up a notch without worry. mention the private jet business trip you took, even if it was ages ago, and watch the mena€™s heads swivel around. same thing with the 6-figure and 7-figure contracts your company is involved with. it will earn you respect. just dona€™t try it with women. herea€™s my tip of the week. actually, therea€™s two this week! tip 1: rather than saying, a€œi have a€¦,a€ or a€œi can do a€¦,a€ the secret is finding an item in the conversation that relates to your accomplishment. then start with something like, a€œi learned x when i was faced with a problem at ibm. i had toa€¦a€a  talking about what you learned or experienced keeps you just short of bragginga€”right where you want to be. tip 2: you know how comfortable you feel when youa€™re telling someone about a memorable vacation you took? i want you to take a piece of paper, right now, and jot down a list of items from your life or career that are memorable, including a few that are impressive. i want you to craft what peggy klaus calls a a€œbragalogue.a€a  pretend youa€™re writing a screenplay that only includes the good parts. ok, throw in a couple missteps to show your humility (we still are expected to be somewhat humble) and to show your sense of humor. this is now your storya€”a story you enjoy talking about.a  now, get out there and tell your story! [2] nancy f clark is ceo of womensmedia [3] which is reaching out to women in business worldwide.a  she also directs the womensmedia forbes blog [4] reaching millions worldwide. follow @nancyfclark [5] on twitter. featured by womensmedia [6], expert advice for business women see a related article: a  communicating with men at work [7] [1] http://blogs-images.forbes.com/womensmedia/files/2012/01/photo-mouth.jpg [2] http://blogs-images.forbes.com/womensmedia/files/2011/11/photo-nancy-clark-ceo.jpg [3] http://www.womensmedia.com/ [4] http://blogs.forbes.com/womensmedia../ [5] http://twitter.com/nancyfclark [6] http://www.womensmedia.com/ [7] http://www.womensmedia.com/grow/280-the-price-of-procrastination.html
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business to business news romania
business to business news romania - stiri economice si financiare din romania, informatii economice, curs valutar, informatii despre companii, promotii si oferte comerciale transmise de companiile afiliate.
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thea small business authority [1] releases thea sb authority market sentiment survey [2] once a month. this survey is a window into the concerns of independent business owners. this montha€™s survey focused on tablet usage. over 1,100 independent business owners were polled. some of the key findings are as follows: 55% of business owners see themselves using a tablet or other device in the future 28% of business owners are currently using tablets for their business applications, making tablets the item of choice as only 19% of business owners use laptops and only 17% use desktops for their business applications 45% of business owners say that their next technology purchase will be a tablet, with laptops in a close second at 41%.   the full march 2012 results showed the following: do you see yourself using a tablet or other device in the future? 55% yes 45% no which of the following do you use for your business applications? 28% tablet 19% laptop 17% desktop 36% all of the above which of the following would be your next technology purchase? 45% a new tablet 41% a new laptop 14% a new desktop we are surprised but closely focused on the growth of the tablet as a tool for independent business owners.a  our client base in excess of 100,000 business accounts when surveyed indicated that over 50% are utilizing the tablet as one of their several devices for business applications.a  we are well positioned to serve our clients as the marketplace for tablets and mobile business applications expand.   [1] http://thesba.com/ [2] http://thesba.com/press-release/
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dupa ce anul trecut bucharest business ne-a prezentat “the real business part 1“, iata ca a venit randul partii cu numarul doi. vizionare placuta! the real business part 2 is now online and for you to see featuring sect & duno – lts crew (check the 1st and 2nd issue). the real business part 2 [...]
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[1]deborah soon, svp strategy & marketing, catalyst this past thursday i had the immense pleasure of attending catalysta€™s 50th anniversary awards celebration [2] at the waldorf astoria in 50 years of trail-blazing leadership [3] in expanding opportunities for women and business. a in attendance was a powerful amalgam of hundreds of attendees and presenters a€“ managers, leaders, and employees male and female alike a€“ from wide-ranging industries, fields, roles, demographics, and levels a€“all there to celebrate catalysta€™s successes, and support the progress american businesses have made to advance women in the workforce as well as promote diversity and inclusion throughout the world. observing the daya€™s events and various programs and panel sessions, i was struck by the overall excitement, motivation and hope felt by the majority of attendees and presenters -- hope a based on proven results that we can indeed create a working world that works for all.a  a palpable understanding was shared, it appeared, that all of our collective and individual efforts have not been in vain, but have, in fact, moved the needle significantly on the key issues at the heart of diversity, inclusion, and equality in business in the u.s. and beyond. to scratch the surface and delve a bit more deeply into the current state of affairs for professional women in the u.s., i spoke with ms. deborah soon [4] a€“ catalysta€™s svp of strategy and marketing a€“ about progress made and what continues to hold women back from advancing to leadership at the levels we need to see it here in the u.s. (women still hold only 16% of senior corporate leadership positions in the u.s. today). debbie shared her views: kathy caprino: debbie, how are countries outside the u.s. making a real difference in supporting women to corporate leadership? deborah soon: there are several key ways.a  first, in many countries, there is a more a symbiotic, close-knit relationship (than in the u.s.) between the government and business.a  when changes need to occur in the workforce (such as ensuring that more women are granted leadership access and opportunity), targets are set through governmental initiatives that can be more easily communicated, measured, and supported.a  in other words, when a government states a goal for the growth of women in leadership, that goal is addressed more proactively. secondly, in other countries like canada, a new a€œcatalyst accorda€ [5] relationship has been established, that helps set, support and monitor targeted improvements and growth in areas such as promoting women to leadership.a  companies that accept the call to action made in the catalyst accord pledge to: increase the percentage of women on their boards of directors by 2017. provide interim representation goals to catalyst, which will be kept confidential. to further encourage corporate boards to diversify their membership, the catalyst canada advisory board [6] will: contribute names to a list of a€œboard-readya€ women that will be maintained by catalyst and made available to any company that commits to the catalyst accord. catalyst and the accord programs ensure that with through this strategic, collaborative approach, countries like canada can become global leaders in expanding opportunities for women, boards, and business. kathy caprino: what one initiative or change would make the most difference today in creating more opportunity for women to advance to leadership successfully here in the u.s.? deborah soon: to me, that answer to that is to put more women in leadership roles at the top.a  the more we can see and experience successful women leaders in action, the more progress will be made to encourage the recruiting, promotion, development, and sponsorship of women into leadership.a  i ask every senior female leader i meet, a€œare you bringing other women with you on the way to leadership? what are you doing to ensure that the path is paved for womena€™s growth in your workforce?a€ secondly, as leaders and advocates for growth, we must communicate and articulate clearly that there is an enormously powerful business case ensuring long-term shareholder value which argues for having women a in leadership roles in every organization.a  recruiting, promoting and developing women to leadership is essential, not a a€œnice to have.a€a  doing so contributes to long-term shareholder value and guarantees that organizations will continue to innovate, create, compete and perform at their highest levels, reaching their greatest potential, now and in the future. kathy caprino: how can individuals show their support for catalyst and its mission? deborah soon: one core way is by becoming a a€œcatalysta€ in your own right.a  join our a€œi am a catalysta€ movement, and share your personal story of how you are making a difference, making a change for women, work and the world.a  visit http://www.iama.catalyst.org [7] and tell your story. ____________________________________________ as one who has dedicated the past nine years to helping women advance, i experienced catalysta€™s awards celebration as a a€œcoming homea€ of sortsa  a€“ returning to a place where like-minded, passionate, and forward-thinking individuals and leaders are showing their commitment to making real positive change a€“ creating workplaces that embrace all leadership talenta€” regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual preference, etc. a€” where businesses, society, and lives are changed for the better. in the words of the i am a catalyst movement [8], a€œyou can make a difference. you can make change happen. you can be a catalyst.a€ are you serving as a catalyst today? let me know how you are making a difference. [1] http://www.catalyst.org [2] http://www.catalyst.org/press-release/203/catalyst-celebrates-50-years-of-advancing-women-in-the-workplace [3] http://www.catalyst.org/page/333/ [4] http://www.catalyst.org/page/125/deborah-m-soon [5] http://www.catalyst.org/page/440/catalyst-accord-women-on-corporate-boards-in-canada [6] http://www.catalyst.org/page/210/catalyst-canada-advisory-board [7] http://www.iama.catalyst.org/ [8] http://iama.catalyst.org/
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social learning, mit sau fenomen? business-edu organizeaza, pe 11 aprilie, incepand cu ora 9:00, la grand caffee van gogh, social learning day
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need to you own a small company that targets your city, you might wish to utilize a local small business marketing consultant to assist to permit you. this will allow you to focus on other, more vital portions of your business. definitely owning a business just isn’t easy, and you might realize it’s more time [...]
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